Monday, March 31, 2008

I was asked today whether I felt God still led by dreams - and whether those dreams would be crystal clear or confusing - allow me to share my response:

What a great question!

Yes, I do believe that God still speaks through dreams. I don't believe it is a primary approach He uses - since we have a complete revelation in His word - but I don't think it's appropriate to attempt to limit Him either.

How know? Question the dream - is it consistent with God's word? Does it hold up during times of prayer with Him? Do those I trust spiritually provide some positive input on it? Is it consistent with other leading He's done in your life?

I would be careful with the "no confusion/God of order" argument. It comes from I Corinthians 14, is specific towards worship services, but is often used out of context to prove that God only does things systematically and logically. In reality, God does use mystery, sometimes His sharing is not crystal clear (perhaps because of a receiver problem?) - and dreams are, by their very nature, not very logical or systematic. God's initial leading might be into confusion - it might only become clear over the long term (or in eternity, think of those who lose a loved one and don't know why).

That's what I think. I can only recall one occasion personally that He used a dream in my life - but that may say more about my memory than about His methods.

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