Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Would You Fight Over?

I received an email this afternoon from a person who was upset about eternal security - he disagreed with another's viewpoint that one could lose their salvation.

I can understand his frustration, this does seem to be a key issue - and that debate has raged for over 500 years. It's important, but I'm not sure I would fight over it. There are more similarities to the two sides than one would initially think - and they can meet over how one should reach out to someone who has made a profession of faith, but does not follow the Lord over an extended period of time (deal with them as an unbeliever first).

What would I fight over, stand up for, even die for? I would "fight" for Christ's person and work - particularly for salvation by faith. I would fight for our freedom to worship - not necessarily in a church building or formal way - but together with other believers, even "underground". I would fight for scripture being inspired by God, inerrant. I would fight for our "right" to share our faith - or I would at least go ahead and share anyway. Many of the Evangelical Free doctrines are basic enough to "fight" for.

I doubt that I would fight for one particular position on the Lord's coming.

How about you?


I'm Losing It! said...

I think it's Beth Moore that says that within the Body of Christ, there are "backbone issues" and "rib issues" concerning the matter of salvation. Of course, whether you believe that Jesus died for our sins or not, that would be a backbone issue. A lot of the other things are just rib issues. I'm sure she put it much better than I just did. Ray and I don't exactly see eye to eye on the whole subject you mentioned. We choose to agree to disagree on certain things. Otherwise, all we'd do is argue about it forever.

Qtpies7 said...

There are definately fighting issues, but some things we just are not going to know for sure until it happens. I believe I will be in Heaven, how it happens after profession of faith is not a fighting matter. Follow Christ and you don't have to worry about losing salvation.
I think one of the big ones for me is infant baptism. I won't fight about it, but it sure is a bone of contention in our family.
I do not believe in infant baptism AS baptism, so should I be supportive and be a God-parent? Hard call, but we are doing it. We need to be there for that child, so we choose to have that religious opening with our neices and nephews.