Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Faith Christian School Article

Best Kept Secret

Take 169 north to Milaca, head west on 23. Don’t miss the 160th Avenue exit (they recently paved the road). Drive past the agricultural fields, you’ll be surprised to find a schoolhouse and gymnasium on your left.

Enter through the door with the “visitor register at the office” sign. The office is just to your left, say “hi” to Chris at the front desk. Meet Kay, the administrator.

You have entered Faith Christian School, perhaps the best kept academic secret in the area.

You’ll be surprised to learn that:

* The school serves K4 through 12th grade
* The student to teacher ratio is often under ten to one
* The students typically score higher than the state average on their ACT’s – even through every student takes the ACT (unlike public schools)
* On a recent sampling of 180 sub-tests, only three were under the 50% mark
* Despite the small size of the school (80-120 students), they regularly field successful basketball, volleyball and soccer teams
* Their students are active in community service, including recently sandbagging over in the Fargo flood area
* Parents manage the school through an elected board, administrator and volunteer service
* Students are , on the main, polite, courteous, respectful – but also curious and creative
* Students come from Milaca, Princeton, Zimmerman, Foley and surrounding areas – buses are available from Milaca and Princeton.

Interested? Contact the school at 320-294-5501 or

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