Monday, May 4, 2009

When Good Becomes Evil

Grieving is a natural, God-given part of life. The release of emotion enables us to begin to move forward in life without a loved one.

99% of the time, avoiding grief is the wrong reaction. Once in a while, it's necessary.

2 Samuel 15-19 (which we will be discussing in class on Sunday morning) relates a tragic story: King David's son, Absalom, leads a coup to take over Israel while his father is still living. He is fully intent on killing his father and men to accomplish this.

Naturally, but reluctantly, David sends his army out to meet Absalom's army. His orders to "be gentle with the young man Absalom" are heard by the entire army.

David's army is successful, and the commander (Joab) kills Absalom. David's grief is so overwhelming that his army sneaks back into town, rather than arriving triumphantly - he could lose his kingdom by the next morning if he continues to grieve. Joab throws ice water on his soul (see 2 Samuel 19:5-7) to get David back where he belongs, leading his men.

This is probably an example of the law of the greater good - sometimes that which is normally good becomes evil if a greater good is lost. Life requires so much wisdom!

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