Thursday, May 29, 2008


As all churches do on occasion, we are currently struggling financially.

There are a number of potential causes - the construction downturn has cause layoffs and/or lack of hours - gas costs have risen enough to impact our commuters - other non-fixed costs (like food) have risen - frankly, it's been hard to nail down exactly what's happening.

But perhaps we're forgetting the spiritual component. God speaks to us in a number of ways, and one is blessing, or lack thereof.

Perhaps this is a time for reevaluation of church and personal priorities. Perhaps there is sin in the congregation that needs to be repented of. Perhaps He is getting our attention to move us in different directions.

Will you pray with me as we seek the Lord about this?


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Redddave said...

Times are tough indeed, many are with out a job. I will certainly seek the Lords will with you in this matter.