Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My apologies for lack of May blogs - have been alternately very busy or on vacation - here are a few thoughts:

Last Wednesday (May 14th) Nathan and I birded Big Stone and Lac Qui Parle Counties in western Minnesota. We enjoyed an excellent day together, tallying 132 species, many of which are unusual in central MN.

At one stop we saw/heard three rare species (which is a bit like drawing to an inside straight or winning the lottery). We had seen one of those species in the same location (Big Stone Refuge) the year before, and had taken flak from other Minnesota birders after reporting it. They didn’t believe we had seen it, because they had never done so, or because it was statistically unusual. Last year’s experience initially caused us to hesitate reporting it again – but we finally screwed up our courage and did so.

Sharing the bird(s) would allow others an opportunity to view them as well – even if some doubted.

I wonder if we sometimes hesitate to share our God experiences for the same reason.

God usually works behind the scenes, sovereignly massaging circumstances and guiding people in “normal” ways. Once in a while, however, He breaks through in our lives, startling us, touching us directly, miraculously, unusually. We want to share these experiences with others (believers or unbelievers), but then fear they might verbally abuse or look down on us.

Sometimes we even hesitate to share our greatest God experience of all – the miracle of salvation – with those who need it most, fearing their disdain.

Yet, if we don’t share, others may not experience what (and Who) we have. Others’ faith may not grow. Others may not come to salvation. Isn’t it worth the risk?


Qtpies7 said...

So very true. I don't get the whole "drawing inside straight" thing, though, lol.
People look at me weird, even Christians, when I speak of God speaking to me. I can't imagine God NOT speaking to people, so it surprises me when people who claim to be Christian think that is crazy or worse.

Qtpies7 said...

I'd love to see condensed versions of your Myth Busters series on your blog.