Monday, April 28, 2008

NFL Draft Reflection

As a football fan (Green Bay Packers - lived 42 years in the state), I listened to some of the reports about this last weekend's draft. One fact surprised me.

The Chicago Bears did not draft a quarterback.

Not in 2008. Not in 2007. Not in 2006. 28 draft choices without a quarterback.

This would not be surprising if a quarterback was not important. However, one can make a case that he's the most important player on the team.

This would not be surprising if their current quarterback was excellent. However, he's been wildly inconsistent.

This would not be surprising if they had a young backup in the wings who was on the verge of excellence. However, this doesn't appear to be true.

(While waiting for my background baseball game this afternoon to come on, I heard some Chicago radio personalities defending the lack of a drafted quarterback. Perhaps blindness is contagious.)

But aren't we all tempted to be like this? We may have a glaring weakness, apparent to any impartial observer, yet we refuse to take action or make changes. Those close to us may never say a word, afraid to hurt us.

The Chicago Bears need someone they respect to speak truth to them. And so do we.


I'm Losin' It! said...

I looked at this post last night...but you lost me with the sports stuff,(just for the record, you always lose me with the sports stuff, even during sermons...I can't help it, my mind immediately goes elsewhere when sports are mentioned). Anyway, I finally read the last paragraph with the point you were making about glaring weaknesses that everyone is afraid to confront each other with. This is very obvious when you watch the first rounds of American Idol. They all say that their "friends" always tell them they are good singers. LOL!

Qtpies7 said...

I guess perhaps the reasons our good friends don't tell us our glaring weaknesses is because they'd like to remain our friend. Or they don't notice? Or they know us well enough that it wouldn't do any good?