Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yesterday the Boston Red Sox had Bill Buckner throw out the first ball at their home opener ball game. This was significant, since Bill had allowed a ball to go through his legs in 1986, resulting in a World Series loss. The media & fan pressure (including death threats) eventually caused him to leave Boston, move to Idaho, live in anonymity. Finally, 22 years later, after Boston finally won two World Series, they brought him back.

In one sense this was healing & freeing. In another sense there is much frustration, "well, finally!"

For me, this is symbolic of human relationships. We often allow offenses to continue for weeks, months, years, without reconciliation, without healing. We either stuff or gossip - and allow a "root of bitterness" to grow in our souls. We blame, rather than forgive or seek forgiveness.

Jesus was very clear on this. If there is an offense against another, we are to take care of it immediately - even if we have to leave the middle of a worship service to do so.

Keep short accounts!

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