Thursday, April 10, 2008

Evangelical Christians are often typified as intolerant - and this accusation has some truth to it.

We may be intolerant because of frustration, or pride, or lack of thought - these need to be repented of. However, we may also be intolerant for good reasons - as was Christ.

Jesus tolerated - no, better, actively sought out and loved - sinners, the poor, the sick, the struggling, the hopeless, the questioning. He lived moment by moment, day by day, with people that human nature is more comfortable with as categories than as individuals.

However, He did not tolerate those who used others for personal gain - who traded legalism for mercy, condescension for grace - who traded a system of theology for real relationship with God.

And He did not tolerate fuzzy thinking about God - but stood for real truth about the real Father.

More than tolerance, we need love & respect - an active love & respect that will engage other people and their belief systems in dialogue about truth - caring more about their souls than a minor offense against society's scruples - caring more about their eternal destinies than about being known as a nice person.

And yes, I'm talking to myself as well.

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