Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are Small Groups Important?

We'll be talking about this for a little while on Sunday, but it's an important enough concept to communicate multiple times & ways:

* We need a stronger small group movement in our church *

This church does well as a large group, in worship/sharing/preaching/basic discipleship. On the other end of the spectrum, there are many excellent one-on-one relationships & friendships within the body - overall, we're a pretty friendly, caring group (there are always exceptions:)).

But mention small groups, and we run the other direction. We agree it's a good idea, then look at our schedules, our commuting and family activities, our overall busy-ness and the question arises, "Where do I fit it in?"

Perhaps that's the wrong question. Perhap's we should be asking questions like, "Are there important aspects of my Christian walk that I'm missing by not being in a group?", and "How does not being in a small group hurt others in the congregation", and "What does God want"? Or,

Can we really experience and share the encouragement, the accountability, the sharing, the discussion about God & His word in quite the same way in any other environment? Can the connections we make with others help keep us connected with God?

I leave you with these questions. We're working on another approach, please pray for us.

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Qtpies7 said...

I feel that small groups are very important. Ladies night out has become a revolving small group, with a smallish core group that remains the same. Karaoke is also becoming a small couples group, too.
I will be happy to see some more small groups get started!
I think also that soon Donnie and I will be coming out with our past issues and possibly starting a support group.