Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scripture, Devotionals & Commentaries

I'm not particularly picky about the appearance of my Bible - in fact, just purchased a new (well, actually used, new to me) one after 15 years of hard service - Psalms was falling out.

This new Bible is called a "Couple's Devotional Bible", which had the virtue of being $8.98 at Books Revisited in St. Cloud. Every couple of pages has a devotional, which I generally glance at when I'm reading or studying scripture.

If you ever have any doubt about the fact that God inspired the Bible, compare scripture with the devotionals & commentaries about it. Our writings fall so far short of His (sometimes pathetically)! Please allow me to encourage you to not settle for substitutes - devotionals and commentaries have their place - but only after we've looked at the Word for ourselves.

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