Monday, December 29, 2008

Wash Your Feet?

While looking over Communion passages for Sunday, reread John 13:1-17. Just before they celebrated the first Lord's Supper together, Jesus washed his disciples' feet.

By doing so, He challenged their ambitions. They had demonstrated - on a number of unfortunate occasions - the desire for public prominence, the desire to be #1, the desire to be served rather than to serve.

In the culture of that time, a servant was responsible to wash guests' feet after a dusty walk. If a servant was not available, others could perform the duty. However, no one would expect the most important person present to do it.

But Jesus loved them - He was confident in His identity and authority - and He wanted to teach them kingdom principles. So...He washed 24 dirty, dusty feet. He left them an example of service that changed their lives - and resonates to this very day.

I have been part of three foot washing events. The first was a failure - elders at the small church I was preaching at gave attendees an opportunity to wash each others' feet - only the chief elder and I participated. The second was a resounding success - church leaders washed hundreds of members' feet - a pivotal event in that church's life. The third caught me off guard - Pastor Tom Kyle washed my feet in a public demonstration of humility in ministry.

What if we held a foot washing service (say, as part of Communion some time)? Would you come? Would you participate? Your answers (internal or external, silent or written) may be a window into your soul.

Something to think about.


Qtpies7 said...

I guess I would participate, but I think we all need some warning. So we can have our pedicures done in advance and not wear stinky shoes and socks, lol.

I'm not big on touchy-feely things, but foot washing is different, it is humbling, no matter which part you do.

Qtpies7 said...

Your one year blogaversary is coming up in March. Wow!