Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christian Abortion

How many believers get abortions? According to one study, one in five abortions in the United States is gotten by an evangelical or born again Christian.

That's 260,000 "Christian abortions" each year.


A few of these might believe that scriptures support abortion. But the rest? Have we as American believers become so ignorant - or so hard - or cave in so easily to the world's pressure - or so driven by our emotions - that we make choices like this?

Please believe this is not an attack on women (men are 1/2 or more of this equation as well), nor on those who are suffering from the guilt of past abortions.

Rather, it's a cry for strong discipleship, a cry to follow the Lord no matter what our circumstances are or emotions say, a cry to live truth before Him and the watching world.

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Joyful Noise said...

Sorry - I wanted to be in church to support you on this one but DJ was sick and Kassie is just getting over a cold so we didn't make it. Hope it went well...I was praying for you...