Monday, January 26, 2009

Wrong Worship Question?

During our recent service time survey, some respondents used the opportunity to tell the elders and staff what kind of worship music they preferred (traditional or contemporary, to utilize stereotypical terms).

I wonder if such sharing reflects that we may be asking the wrong question.

We ask (consciously or subconsciously), "What kind of music touches me?" I would submit that we are not the receivers, not the customers, rather, God is. So perhaps the question should be, "What kind of music touches God?"

Can such a question be answered? I would submit that it can, biblically. Consider that God gave His followers a "hymn book" (the psalms) that has lasted 3,000 years - then combine that with nine different passages (including twice in heaven) where He encourages us to sing & write new songs - note the softer & louder instruments used in His word - and it seems that there is room for both.

The music, of course, must be biblical and truthful (traditional and contemporary both can struggle there). The songs should reflect our emotional and physical experience with Him in this world (again, see the Psalms). The songs should connect man and God.

And, with the generational differences and preferences that can occur in a church (I count at least five in ours), I believe that the worship music should reflect a stylistic broadness, while impacting the majority a significant portion of the time.

My thoughts on a cold day.

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I'm Losing It! said...

I just wanted to say that I think the worship is great. I agree that you need to have a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary music, and that we want it to be pleasing to God first and foremost.

Keep up the blogging, I check for new msgs often, and read them, even if I don't always leave a comment. I'm pretty sure that many others do too.